El DIRECTOR DE ARTE is the creative charge of the visual and graphic design of messages, which deals primarily with defining the aesthetic strategy, develop sketches and models, select illustrators, interior designers, photographers, filmmakers, models and other collaborators and control production of two-dimensional or three-dimensional artifacts.

DIRECTOR DE ARTE is facing new challenges and creativity and efficiency.

At a time when ideas are conveyed to them through images, art director becomes the principal creator of persuasive messages. Languages ​​typography, video, illustration, art, photography and music merge, changing current practices of graphic design, expanding and providing visual creation with a future full of wealth, magic and complexity for managers communication strategy.

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The visibility and competitiveness of products and services depends on the seductive and persuasive capacity, requiring more knowledge and skills communicators. The challenge of the art director is to be creative and innovative, but above all, versatile and efficient; must have a strategic vision of design and communication, the world of business and the market; be able to relate to the client and know how to lead a multidisciplinary team and know the different production processes.